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InfoEdge Technology, Inc. announces Web-based document management with its new online service, InfoDoX.comTM.

Austin, TX, April 2, 1999 … InfoEdge Technology, Inc., a nationwide Information Management consulting firm, announces the release of its latest advance in the field of document management, InfoDoX.comTM.

InfoDox.comTM is an online document management system that makes entire document collections quickly available across the World Wide Web. By using Secure Sockets Layer Internet protocol and RSA Public Key-Based Encryption, documents transmitted over the Web are securely scrambled prior to sending and can only be unscrambled by the authenticated recipient.

What separates InfoDox.comTM from other Web-based document repositories is the speed at which documents can be searched and delivered across the Web. Online access to documents can now compete with desktop and local area network solutions. The images in an InfoDoX.comTM database are stored in the Cartesian Perceptual Compression (CPC) format. The CPC format was carefully selected to optimize the speed by which images can be transmitted over the Web and the clarity of the image when viewed on-screen. The streaming ability and high compression rates achieved with this format reduce the time it takes to download the images by an order of magnitude over other legacy image compression methods.

"InfoEdge has been providing practical, tested, document management solutions using cutting-edge technology for almost a decade," said Paul E. Clift, Founder and President of InfoEdge Technology. "Several years ago, it became clear to us that the Internet could become the de facto delivery system for document management once image transmission rates across the Web approached those of local area networks. With our new online service, InfoDoX.comTM, we feel we have met that challenge and have opened up a whole new world of secure, document accessibility to our clientele."

For more information on InfoEdge Technology, or to try out our InfoDoX.comTM demo, please visit our website at, or email us at for free literature on our complete line of products and services. InfoEdge Technology, Inc. has offices in Austin & Houston, TX, Washington DC, and San Francisco, CA.