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Cartesian Products, Inc. is a high-technology research and development company based in Newton, Massachusetts. The company was founded in September 1991 to provide advanced software technology to improve worldwide communication and information access.

Cartesian Perceptual Compression (CPC), the company's first invention, is an efficient method for compressing document images. The invention regularly compresses document images an order of magnitude better than industry-standard compression methods. Such dramatic compression opens up whole new application areas for document images by allowing storage of full images in about the space required previously for the textual information alone.

The invention has especially far-reaching implications for the Internet, fax, and document image management industries. Internet and intranet distribution of document images becomes practical with the reduced storage requirements and download times provided by CPC. For the fax industry, the compression method can cut fax transmission time, thereby significantly reducing telephone charges while improving resolution. For the document image management industry, the method can cut storage requirements dramatically, thereby allowing for lower hardware costs, faster image retrieval, and better performance.

Cartesian Products has been granted a United States patent on its technology and has applied for patent protection abroad.


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