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Automatic Licensing

CPC View is licensed for full operation on a particular computer through the installation of the CPC View registration key for that computer. The registration key is an alphabetic string that is derived from a numeric machine identifier that is unique for each computer.

In order to script the licensing of the viewer from a prepaid account, the following three steps are required:

  1. Determine the machine identifier for the computer to be licensed
  2. Retrieve the corresponding registration key from your prepaid account
  3. Install the registration key into the viewer to be licensed
These steps are described in detail below.

1. Determine the Machine Identifier

CPC View accepts a redirect parameter which causes the viewer to redirect the host browser to the specified URL. The target URL of the redirect is augmented with the arch parameter, specifying the machine identifier of the viewer. Relative URLs may be specified, in which case the URL is evaluated relative to the URL of the page containing the embedded instance of CPC View.

To determine the machine identifier, simply embed an instance of CPC View with the appropriate redirect parameter. The following example will cause CPC View to redirect the host browser to the URL reg.cgi?arch=xxx, where xxx is the machine identifier. reg.cgi is evaluated relative to the URL of the containing page.

<embed type="image/cpi" width="0" height="0" redirect="reg.cgi">

2. Retrieve the Registration Key

To retrieve the registration key from your prepaid account, you need to make an HTTP request to the Cartesian web site and parse the text response that is returned.

The HTTP request should be issued to the URL The following parameters must be specified in the HTTP request:

Name Description
accountID The account ID of your prepaid account
accountPW The normal password for your prepaid account
machineID The machine identifier for which to retrieve the registration key

Warning: For security purposes, it is recommended that you use a POST operation to submit the request. If you use a GET operation, the account password will be exposed in clear text in the URL of the operation. For further security, you should POST to, thereby encrypting the data while it is in transit.

Once the HTTP request returns, you will need to examine the resulting text page to extract the registration key. If the request was successful, the resulting text will contain a single <RegKey> block, which contains the registration key.


If an error occurs, the resulting text page will contain a single <Error> block, which contains a text message describing the error:

<ERROR>No account PW was specified</ERROR>

Note: The only error that is expected during normal operation is There are no more licenses in the account. All other errors indicate a problem in either the submitted request or the internal operations of the Cartesian web site.

3. Install the Registration Key

Once you have retrieved the registration key, you need to install it in the viewer. CPC View accepts a regKey parameter which is used to install the registration key.

For example, if the registration key is 00BC614Efogututu, the following HTML can be used to install the key.

<embed type="image/cpi" width="0" height="0" regKey="00BC614Efogututu">

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