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CPC documents are highly compressed muli-page image files. CPC Viewer displays CPC documents on your iPad, allowing you to navigate pages, zoom in and out, scroll, print, and email documents.

CPC Viewer is available from the App Store

1. Opening CPC Documents

You typically encounter CPC documents by following a link in Safari or by receiving the document as an attachment in Mail. When you encounter a CPC document, you will be presented with a button that allows you to open the document in CPC Viewer. For example, Safari will display the following when it encounters a CPC document:

Tap the Open in "CPC Viewer" button to open the document.

2. Page Navigation

If the document you are viewing contains more than one page, the right side of the toolbar will contain the page navigator.

The middle segment of the navigator displays the page number you are currently viewing and the total number of pages in the document. To display the next page, tap the Down button. To display the previous page, tap the Up button. You can also navigate between pages by swiping up or down on the page with your finger.

To display a different page altogether, tap the middle button. A popover containing thumbnails of the document's pages will appear. Tap a thumbnail to display that page.

3. Zooming

You zoom in and out on the page using two-fingered pinch and spread gestures. You can also zoom in on a page by double-tapping it. You can also zoom out on a page by tapping it with two fingers.

When the zoomed image is bigger than the screen, you can drag or flick the page with your finger to scroll.

4. Printing

To print the document that you are viewing:

1) Tap the Action button to bring up the Action menu.

2) Tap the Print button to bring up the Printer Options panel.

3) After selecting the printer, page range, and number of copies, tap the Print button to start printing.

5. Sending Documents via Email

To email the document that you are viewing:

1) Tap the Action button, to bring up the Action menu.

2) Tap the Email button, to bring up the Composition panel.

3) Edit the message as you see fit. The document you are viewing is already included as an attachment to the message. If you decide not to send the message, tap the Cancel button. When you are ready to send the message, tap the Send button.

6. Documents Folder

When you open a CPC document from another app, like Safari or Mail, CPC Viewer saves a copy of it in its Documents folder. To open a document in the Documents folder, tap the file cabinet button in the toolbar. A popover containing the documents in the folder will appear. Tap a document in the list to open it.

6.1. Deleting Documents

To delete a document from the Documents folder, swipe its row in the table. This will expose the Delete button. Tap this button to delete the document.

When your iPad is connected to your computer, you can also use iTunes to delete documents in the Documents folder. You can also use iTunes to copy CPC documents into or out of the folder.

7. Questions?

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