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CPC View ax and CPC Lite may be freely used to view CPC documents on any computer. In addition, they provide evaluation access to the additional functionality available in the licensed viewer.

CPC View ax and CPC Lite run in one of two modes, depending on whether the host computer has a CPC View license installed:

This document describes the limitations of Lite mode.

1. Title Bar

In Lite mode, each viewer window contains a title bar at the top. This title bar is not present in the licensed viewer.

If you decide to upgrade to the licensed viewer, simply click on the title bar. You will be taken to the online upgrade page from which you can purchase the upgrade. If you use a credit card on our secure server, you can receive the upgrade immediately - with no additional downloads or installation procedures.

2. Evaluation Functions

Certain functions of CPC View are only available in Lite mode on a limited-use evaluation basis. These functions may be used as often as you like on up to three distinct URLs. You will be asked for confirmation each time you attempt to use an evaluation function on a new URL. Once you have exhausted the evaluation URLs, you will need to upgrade to the licensed viewer to use the functionality on new URLs. (Each particular function maintains its own list of the URLs it has been used on, so you can evaluate the different functions on different sets of URLs.)

The following functions are available for a limited use evaluation:

3. Other Formats

You may freely use the viewer to display CPC documents, even in Lite mode. In addition, Lite mode allows you to evaluate the additional file formats available under the licensed viewer. There is no limit to the number of different URLs on which you can evaluate this feature. Each time you view a document that is not in CPC format:

3.1. Evaluation Bar

An evaluation reminder bar will be placed at the bottom of the viewer window.

3.2. Reminder Window

A window will appear reminding you that you are using an evaluation feature of the viewer. This window will not appear more than once every twenty-four hours.

3.3. Printer Evaluation Banner

If the document is printed, the viewer will place an evaluation banner over the center of the page, obscuring a region of the image.

Hint: If you want to print a non-CPC format, black-and-white image document without the evaluation banner, use the Save As... command of the Document sub-menu of the right mouse menu. This command will allow you to save the document in CPC format. If you then open the saved CPC format document, you will be able to print it without the banner.

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