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Euridile Selects CPC Compression
Provides online access to 140 million pages from the French national archives

Newton, Mass. -- June 17, 1999 -- Euridile ( has selected CPC compression and imaging technology from Cartesian Products, Inc. ( for online deployment of nearly 140 million scanned pages from Le Registre National du Commerce et des Sociétés. The documents, which include the annual reports and corporate filings of all French corporations, are drawn from the national archives of the French government. Likely to become one of the largest public online repositories of scanned images in the world, the Euridile web site uses Cartesian's ultra-compressed CPC format for document storage and Cartesian's free CPC Lite imaging plug-in for online viewing.

Eurodile's deployment of the CPC format has resulted in significant reductions in Euridile's storage and network costs, while providing faster access to the data for Euridile's users. The Euridile web site was developed by ORT (, a leading European company providing online financial, economic, press, and legal information on French and European companies. "By deploying documents in CPC format, we can provide our end users with virtually instantaneous access to the information they need and lower our costs at the same time. The CPC technology is a clear win-win proposition." said Jean-Luc Brizard, Data Processing Manager at ORT.

The CPC format is rapidly emerging as the next generation de facto standard for network deployment of scanned images. Existing users of CPC technology include JSTOR, a digital library for academic journals funded by the Mellon Foundation; FIS|online, publisher of Moody's Business and Financial Information; and the LG Sangnam Library, the largest library in South Korea. The companion CPC image viewer is relied upon by hundreds of organizations around the world, including Amoco, Der Spiegel, the FBI, Ford, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Oracle, Renault, Rockwell, Sanyo, and Siemens Nixdorf.

Cartesian Products, Inc. is a high-technology research and development company based in Newton, Massachusetts. The company was founded in September 1991 to provide advanced software technology to improve worldwide communication and information access. Cartesian Products has been granted a United States patent on its technology and has applied for patent protection abroad.

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