CPC Conversion Batteries

The CPC family of software products (CPC Tool, CPC View, CPC View ax, and CPC Lite) provide format conversion capabilities for documents stored in a variety of document image formats, including Cartesian's own CPC format. The CPC format uses Cartesian Perceptual Compression to provide the highest compression ratios available for storing scanned document images. The CPC format produces image files that are typically 5-20 times smaller than older legacy formats such as TIFF or CALS. This dramatic reduction in file size leads directly to commensurate reductions in storage and publication costs, network traffic, and download times.

Decompression of CPC images is always free. There is never any charge for converting CPC input images to other formats. All other operations, such as compression of document images into the CPC format, require the installation of a CPC conversion battery. Your CPC software comes with a free evaluation battery allowing you to try out the CPC format on up to 1000 pages. Once you have used up your evaluation battery, you will need to purchase a conversion battery to make further use of the conversion capabilities.

Page Batteries Server Batteries
Page batteries allow you to convert a fixed number of input pages. You can purchase a page battery with as many or as few pages as you need. With volume discounts, the price is less than a penny a page. Server batteries allow you to convert an unlimited number of pages on the licensed server. If you are planning to use CPC compression on more than a few million pages, you should consider a server battery.
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