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Changing the Page Magnification

The document's pages can be displayed at any magnification. The magnification is specified as the percentage of the page's full size. You can change the magnification of the page using the Zoom menu or the Zoom control in the window's toolbar or the Zoom Slider in the window's toolbar or the mouse scroll wheel.

Using the Zoom Menu

The Zoom menu contains several commands to change the magnification.

The Zoom menu is accessible from the application menu at the top of the screen and from the context menu. (Click the right mouse button on the image to bring up the context menu.)

Using the Zoom Control

Zoom Control

The current zoom is displayed in the control's text box.

Using the Zoom Slider

Zoom Slider

Drag the slider to the right to increase the magnification. Drag the slider to the left to decrease the magnification.

Using the Mouse Scroll Wheel

You can also change the zoom by holding down the control key while spinning the mouse scroll wheel. Scroll the wheel up to increase the magnfication (zoom in on the page). Scroll the wheel down to decrease the magnification (zoom out on the page).

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