CoPyCat for MacOS X (10.3 and earlier)

To install CoPyCat for MacOS X (10.3 and earlier), follow these simple instructions:

Step 1. Download CoPyCat for MacOS X (10.3 and earlier).
The latest version of CoPyCat for MacOS X (10.3 and earlier), V1.0f, was released on 1/14/04. The size of the download is approximately 213K bytes. To download CoPyCat for MacOS X (10.3 and earlier), click the link below:

Step 2. Install CoPyCat into your web browser.

  • Close all of your web browser windows.
  • The downloaded file is a disk image file. Mount the disk image file by double-clicking on its icon. A Finder window will open to display the contents of the disk image, including the two plug-in files CoPyCatHarness and CoPyCat.plugin.
  • Copy the two plug-in files (CoPyCatHarness and CoPyCat.plugin) from the disk image window to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins. This will make the plug-in available to all users of the computer. (Alternatively, you can copy the two plug-in files to ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins. This will make the plug-in available to only the current user.)
  • Restart your web browser.

That's it. The CoPyCat plug-in should now be installed. On most web browsers, you can check that the plug-in is installed correctly using the browser's "Help/About Plug-Ins" or "Help/Installed Plug-ins" command or by entering about:plugins into the browser's address box. To further test the plug-in, visit our demonstration library.

Optional Step: Install the PDF Browser Plug-in.
CoPyCat uses your computer's PDF viewing software to display the incoming CPC file. Unfortunately, MacOS X does not come with a native PDF browser plug-in, and hence, is incapable of displaying PDF files directly in a web browser window. This means that, by default, CoPyCat will display the CPC file in a separate window using your standalone PDF viewing application (typically Preview or Acrobat Reader).

If you prefer to have the file displayed directly in your web browser, you will need to install a PDF viewing plug-in. PDF Browser plugin is a free PDF viewing plug-in available from SchubertIt. Once you install this plug-in, PDF files encountered by your web browser, including those created by CoPyCat, will open directly in your web browser window.

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