CPC View pi and CPC View ax

CPC View Volume Pricing
# of Seats Price per Seat 
 1 US$ 39.95
 2 - 9 US$ 29.95
 10 - 99 US$ 24.95
 100 - 499 US$ 19.95
 500 - 999 US$ 14.95
 1,000 - 1,999 US$ 11.95
 2,000 - 3,999 US$ 8.95
 4,000 and above  US$ 6.95
Interested in purchasing multiple CPC View licenses?
Purchase CPC View licenses at discounts of up to 83% and distribute them to your users from our web site. We provide you with an account ID and passkey, which is used with our automated web licensing system to retrieve the license for each computer. Each license allows you to use both CPC View pi and CPC View ax on a single computer. You can purchase whatever number of licenses you need. The more licenses you purchase, the lower the cost per license. The table to the right describes the discount structure.

Deploying the viewer in large numbers or over an intranet?
Add the optional CPC View pi self-registering installation program or CPC View ax self-registering control for just US$995. The self-registering versions install fully registered copies of the software, eliminating the need to access our web site to register each computer individually. Perfect for corporate intranets or large scale deployments.

So how do I order?
You can order a CPC View volume license using the form below. When you click the Continue button, you will be taken to our secure server where you can either submit your order online (if you are purchasing via credit card) or generate an order form for offline submission (via fax or postal mail). We accept payment via credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover), check or money order (payable though a US bank), or bank transfer (for amounts in excess of US$500).

Please select the appropriate distribution option below.
Create prepaid license account. Create a new prepaid license account for use with our automated web licensing system.
Add to existing prepaid account ID: Add the licenses to an existing prepaid account and enter the ID of the account.
Self-registering CPC View pi. Install fully registered copies of the CPC View pi plug-in without retrieving licenses from our web site (adds an additional US$995 to the cost of your order).
Self-registering CPC View ax. Install fully registered copies of the CPC View ax ActiveX control without retrieving licenses from our web site (adds an additional US$995 to the cost of your order).
Self-registering package -- save $200! Purchase both the CPC View ax self-registering control and the CPC View pi self-registering installation program (adds an additional US$1790 to the cost of your order).
Use previously purchased self-registering installer. Use the licenses with a previously purchased self-registering installation program or control (no additional charge).
Enter the number of computers for which you would like to purchase CPC View licenses. Click the Price Check to get a quick price quote for your proposed order.
Number of seats:
Enter your name, email address, and telephone number of the contact person for the volume license. The contact person will receive any correspondance from Cartesian Products regarding the volume license.
Enter the name and postal address of your company or organization.
Company Name:
Company URL:
Street Address:
City: State/Province:
Zip/Postal Code:            Country:
Click the Continue to continue on to the next step in the ordering process.

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