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CPC View is a web browser add-on providing powerful image viewing capabilities for documents stored in a variety of document image formats, including TIFF, CALS Type 1, JEDMICS, and CPC. CPC View supports sophisticated, best-of-breed features such as document navigation, scaling, rotation, anti-aliased images in both a page view and thumbnail view, extensive annotation capabilities, and much more. CPC View's unique combination of power and ease-of-use make it the smart choice for moving your corporate and reference documents to the Intranet. And, best of all, it's a bargain to boot. Full individual licenses for CPC View cost just $29.95*. Volume discount plans are also available.

CPC View is available in two variants -- CPC View ax and CPC View pi. The particular variant you need depends upon the web browser that you use:

Users of Internet Explorer: Use CPC View ax
Users of Internet Explorer should install CPC View ax, the ActiveX variant of CPC View.
   To automatically install CPC View ax, click here.

Users of Other Web Browsers: Use CPC View pi
Users of other web browsers, such as Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla, should install CPC View pi, the plug-in variant of CPC View.
   To download CPC View pi, click here.

CPC View
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ZDNet 5 Star Editors' Pick

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