CPI Reseller Price Guide

Annual Minimum

Resellers are required to generate $5000 in annual sales. This annual minimum is administered as follows:

If the first resale of the year is below $5000, the reseller is charged $5000, and the balance above the charge for the first resale is applied against any further sales during the year. The annual minimum is not refundable. For purposes of computing annual minimums, a "year" covers the 12-month period from the beginning of the calendar quarter in which the annual minimum is received by CPI. Calendar quarters begin on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

Product Pricing

All reseller purchases are granted a 10% discount off the normal product pricing. To determine the reseller price for a particular order, click on the appropriate link below and calculate the full price of the order. Then, subtract 10%. For example, if the full price of the order is US$1000, the reseller price would be only US$900.

The following products are available for resale:

Cartesian Products, Inc.